The Values We Stand For

The highest of integrity in all our people.
Consistently meeting quality specifications, meeting deadlines and always meeting our highest standards.
Working safely in everything that we do.
The truth even when it hurts.
Building strength in the K2 Stone Brand.
Giving it our all every day, always trying to do our best.
Dealing with our customers in the utmost professional manner, not making promises we can’t keep, always keeping our promises and meeting their expectations.
Providing an acceptable financial return to our shareholders.
Being an active part of the community.
A workforce that is committed and shows up every day, on time ready to add value to K2 Stone.
Producing K2 Stone in an environmentally friendly manner.
Safe procedures for all guests and visitors to our K2 work sites.
We value investing in our people and providing them all the tools they need to succeed.
A friendly workplace.
Being part of a strong team.
Holding ourselves and each other accountable to always achieve excellent results.