It seems that there is a global movement towards environmentally conscious lifestyle choices. Consumers are now searching for sustainably sourced products that are manufactured and packaged in an environmentally responsible manner. Technology has improved manufacturing processes to utilize natural materials in our everyday household products. Natural organic materials are the key to a healthy home and most importantly healthy living. While these trends may be most evident when we shop for consumer goods and more natural and healthy food, they should apply to our choices in building materials as well. There is a reason why you see so many 100+-year-old homes still standing and sheltering the families that are lucky enough to own them and so many newer homes crumbling to the ground. That reason is that man, despite his best efforts, has yet to be able to match Mother Nature when it comes to developing materials that can stand the test of time like wood and natural stone. Beyond even these reasons though, is the simple fact that natural stone and wood homes are healthier to live in than those full of the manufactured materials and the chemicals that they bring with them. They provide you with a little touch of nature in your own home that helps to nourish the soul, relax the mind and connect you with the natural world that we see too little of in our daily lives.

Exterior Stones Durability

Have you ever driven down a back country road and seen how many old chimneys are still standing long after the houses have disappeared. This should tell you a little something about natural stone and how durable it is. Whether it be whole stones fashioned by a master mason into your wall or stone veneer over a wood frame if you want a home that will be there for you great grand kids, stone is the perfect material to work with. It is naturally weather resistant. Almost impervious to pest and requires little to no maintenance. You won’t waste any more weekends scraping and painting your walls or pressure washing patio if they are made of stone. Besides, with stone, your home will have that timeless look that only gets better with age.

A Healthy Home Improves Mind, Body, and Spirit

That is all very practical but the best news about natural stone and wood materials is the benefits that they can bring to your overall health and productivity. There is a mounting amount of research showing us that spending time in a natural environment can help human conditions ranging from childhood ADHD to helping stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in seniors. If you fall in between the two it has a positive effect on depression, obesity, improves concentration and can even help improve your eyesight. Unfortunately for many, though, life’s circumstances or at times even the weather makes it impossible to get outdoors. Ever hear of cabin fever. The solution to this is very simple. Bring the outdoors into your home. Add a natural stone fireplace or a stone veneer wall and natural wood floors to your favorite room to relax in. It can do wonders to help ease the stress of daily life and keep you connected to nature. To be honest, all of the benefits that natural wood and stone can bring to your life goes way beyond what can be covered here. Buying natural materials will usually give you better quality at lower prices. It alleviates some of the fear of harmful chemicals from your environment. It will bring you a more relaxing atmosphere to live in. This, in turn, can improve your mental and physical health making you more productive and happier.