• Keystone
  • Flamed Fireplace Hearth
  • Fireplace Keystone and Mantel
K2 Stone offers a wide variety of custom cut stone products to ensure you achieve the perfect finish. We consistently produce our stone products to a standard that exceeds all customer expectations. Our custom products can be cut from either Ocean Pearl Slate or Newcastle Sandstone. Do you have a project idea but don’t know where to start? Ask one of our knowledgeable sales representatives about achieving a design as unique as you. At K2 Stone you are only limited by your imagination.

Stone Post Capping

  • Premium Slate Post Cap
  • Standard Slate Post Cap
  • Standard Slate Post Cap
Our natural stone post capping is available in both Ocean Pearl Slate and Newcastle Sandstone. We offer a variety of different finishes that can be tailored to fit your desired aesthetics. Did you know we can produce miter cut and solid piece dimensional capping? Our processing facility can produce dimensional stone products up to 24” x 24” x 96”.

Stone Sils

  • Standard Slate Sil
  • Sandstone Sil
  • Premium Slate Sil
  • Newcastle Sandstone Sil
K2 Stone Sils are available in both Ocean Pearl Slate and Newcastle Sandstone. Ocean Pearl Slate has two variations; Premium Ocean Pearl Capping(Cut Top and Bottom) and Standard Ocean Pearl Capping(Split Top and Bottom). We stock 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” standard sizes and are able to produce custom cut sizes to order. All of our stocked capping sizes are 2” thick and have a flamed front edge. Note: The thickness of Standard Ocean Pearl Capping varies from 1 ¾” to 2 ¼”

Stone Wall Caps

  • Slate Wall Cap
  • Slate Wall Capping
  • Standard Slate Wall Cap
Crown your exterior walls with the most durable product in the world. Natural stone capping will outperform manufactured building materials and last for the entire lifecycle of the application. K2 Stone Wall Caps are available in both Ocean Pearl Slate and Newcastle Sandstone.

Hearths & Mantels

  • Flamed Fireplace Hearth
  • Flamed Front Fireplace Hearth
Nothing finishes a fireplace like a solid K2 Natural Stone Hearth & Mantel. They are available with a cut, split, natural, flamed, bush hammered, honed or polished surface in solid slab pieces. Our custom hearths and mantels can be cut from Ocean Pearl slate or Newcastle sandstone, minimum 2” thick, and up to 9’ long!

Custom Sandblasting

  • Rockwood Heights Sandblasting
  • House Number Sandblasting
  • Sandblasted Rock Sign
  • Sandblasted Slate Rock
Personalize your space with a custom sandblasted feature from K2 Stone. We sandblast all types of unique applications; from small address signs to large commercial projects. Sandblasted feature rocks are a great way to add your own personal design into your home. Contact us today and ask about our sandblasting capabilities.

Keystones & Window Trim

  • Keystone
Finishing accents can take any project from ordinary to extraordinary! We offer a variety of finishing accessories for both interior and exterior applications. Windows, doors, and fireplaces are a few different examples of where we have installed our ocean pearl keystones and natural slate trims.

Custom Architecture

  • K2 Stone Unique Design
  • K2 Stone Unique Design
  • Custom Slate Hearth
  • Custom Cut Slate Hearth
  • Natural Stone Unique Architecture
  • Natural Stone Unique Design
Quarrying and cutting our own materials provides us with the ability to create unique stone pieces for custom applications. We take great pride in manufacturing custom architectural solutions from our natural stone building materials. Send us your architectural drawings and let one of our sales representative’s work with you to design a custom solution for your next project.