Crown Isle Granite Mitred Post Cap

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Crown Isle Granite post caps have a cut top and bottom with a flamed front edge (flaming is a high heat treatment that creates a weathered surface). Their colour and texture can beautifully match or complement a number of our stone veneer and full bed stone products. All K2 Stone post caps are available in any size combination up to 24" x 24" and are a minimum of 2" thick.

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K2 Stone offers a variety of accessories for professionally finishing off natural stone treatments around the house. For example, Crown Isle Mitred Post Caps are post or column caps that provide a finishing accent and provide a protective top surface for a post where it transitions from stone materials. Cut at 90 degree angles, Mitred Stone Post Caps are made from four separate pieces of stone and typically overhang the post slightly to provide a drip edge for water to flow off the top surface. This prevents moisture from permeating into the post structure and possibly damaging it.

Posts and columns are frequently used in both traditional and modern architectural style homes to support overhangs, porchs, pergolas and other shelter elements. Whether structural or ornamental, columns and posts that transition from stone to wood or concrete look more professionally finished with the use of specialized capping accessories. This applies to features around the front door of the home, and to landscaping elements around the property such as outdoor kitchens, patios and pool enclosures. Capping not only looks great, it will ensure longer life for natural stone elements by helping to protect them from the elements.

The professional finish of protective capping accessories will make even the simplest DIY stone project look like it's the work of a master mason. Crown Isle Granite post caps are a detail also worth considering to protect your investment from elemental damage.

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