Ocean Pearl Cut Top Mitred Post Cap Description

Finishing off your natural stone project with custom capping ensures professional masonry polish. It can also protect stone features from the elements. K2 Stone's Mitered Stone Post Caps are cut at a 90 degree angle to accommodate a structural post within the center and are specifically designed to provide a protective top surface for that post. They're made from four separate pieces of stone and typically overhang the post slightly to provide a drip edge for water to flow off of the top surface, preventing it from permeating into the post structure.

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Our Ocean Pearl Cut Top post caps are slate and have a cut top and bottom, and flamed sides (flaming is a high heat masonry technique that creates a textured surface). K2 Stone post caps are available in any size combination up to 24" x 24"and are a minimum of 2" thick.

Posts can be integrated into any architectural feature that involves an overhang of some kind. For front elevations this could be a porch or porte cochere that creates a memorable main entrance around the front door. Ocean Pearl Cut Top Caps can be used to sleekly finish off the stone column portion of the post.

Elsewhere around the property, this product can be used as part of an overall landscaping theme with outdoor rooms for cooking, relaxing and entertaining. Backyard overhangs and pergolas supported by natural stone posts can be matched to retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and other features for a polished integrated look.

Using specialized finishing products for your natural stone features makes good sense both aesthetically and practically. While protecting structural posts from water damage, they also add traditional polish and smooth lines, a look that would make any professional mason proud.

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