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Pool Coping Description

Coping is an important component in the construction and finishing of any kind or size of in-ground pool or water feature. Put simply, it's a course of stone, typically sloping slightly, that forms the edge of a pool or pond. Natural stone pool coping is an especially durable and attractive finishing material for where your in- ground pool edge meets the surrounding decking. Stone pool coping can also be installed onto the edge of your above ground pool systems. K2 Stone pool coping can be cut from Ocean Pearl Slate, Newcastle Sandstone or Crown Isle Granite, with each profile offering a slightly different feel. K2 Stone pool coping is available in any size combination up to 24" x 24" and with a choice of cut, split or flamed finishes.

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Choosing the right stone for your pool will depend on how often and by whom the pool is being used. Design considerations may come into play also – each stone profile has a slightly different colour and texture.

Opt for Ocean Pearl Slate with smooth cut edges for a swimming pool that's used by kids and for exercise – it makes getting in and out a breeze. This treatment can also be combined with an infinity edge or a waterfall feature at one end of the pool for total luxury.

A chunkier profile such as Crown Isle Granite can be used to cap and separate a hot tub from other recreational areas. And a more textured profile such as Newcastle Sandstone, perhaps with the roughness of flamed edges, is perfect for a decorative pond or to create a natural grotto like effect.

No matter the style of your in-ground swimming pool or water feature, using natural stone coping to finish it off is best construction practice. It also protects the integrity of the pool, keeping edges neat and the visual style of your outdoor recreational spaces coherent.

To learn more about the various types of finishing options for our natural stone pool coping, please call your local K2 Stone dealer.

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