Stone veneer can be used to striking effect in almost any room in the house. As a protective and/or decorative covering for vertical walls and surfaces such as kitchen backsplashes or fireplace surrounds it is without equal. Stone veneer, or thin stone as it is sometimes called, is typically cut to about a 1 inch thickness. This keeps its installed weight to less than 15 pounds per square foot, so no additional structural support is required. Lightweight and available in a remarkable assortment of colors and textures, stone veneer is an exciting option for both contemporary and historical homes. The impact of natural stone is dramatic and a little goes a long way.

Using Stone Veneer In Home Decor

Natural stone veneer gets a lot of competition from artificial products that are manufactured with harmful man made chemicals. But there’s no comparison to the real deal. It has a warmth and living texture that simply can’t be replicated in a painted concrete, rubber foam or plastic imitation. It’s also surprisingly durable (it’s made from real stone, after all) and engineered for easy installation. Here are some of best places to incorporate it into your home’s overall design and how:

Kitchen and Dining Room

A little stone veneer can go a very long way in a country or contemporary style kitchen or dining room. In the kitchen, stone blocks or slate veneer can be used to create an attractive and practical one-of-a-kind backsplash. Installed professionally with the correct mortar compound and sealant, stone veneer is virtually maintenance-free. It would also look great in a wine cellar or bar area to elegantly suggest an Old World cave or grotto environment.

Ocean Mist Ledge Stone Veneer on a Kitchen Island

Photo of Ocean Mist Ledge Stone Veneer on a Kitchen Island.


Stone veneer is a surprisingly sanitary choice for use in the bathroom. Because it’s natural, it adds warmth to a potentially sterile environment. And it’s great way to add sophisticated texture with its light refracting qualities and grain. Some designers love to bring the outdoors inside in any way they can – this creates a resonant continuity to other eras and values, and a connection to nature that has been all but lost.

Moose Mountain Ashlar Stone Veneer on Bathroom Walls

Photo of Moose Mountain Ashlar Stone Veneer on a Bathroom Feature Wall.

Fireplace Surround

A striking ledge stone or field stone fireplace surround not only looks rustic and stunning, it has the added value of reflecting heat back into a room. Extend the stone veneer right up to the ceiling to draw the eye upwards, or cover the entire wall, and you’ll turn that fireplace into a statement focal point. It could also work to turn a simple fireplace into a stunning feature wall in a den or basement family room.

Pacific Ashlar Stone Veneer on Kitchen Backsplash

Photo of Pacific Ashlar Stone Veneer on a Kitchen Backsplash.

Feature Walls

Combine stacked stone or stone block veneers to cover a complete wall Or, use stone as an accent in a foyer, entry hall, stairway or bedroom, anywhere you want to create drama using natural elements. A large expanse of stone will keep the eye busy so be sure that other elements in close proximity are serene and neutral.

KV Granite Urban Ledge Stone Veneer on a Feature Wall

Photo of KV Granite Urban Ledge Stone Veneer on an Entrance Feature Wall.

As an Exterior Finish

Stone veneer used outside as a delineating accent, or to create a patio or outdoor kitchen area, needs little maintenance to keep it looking its best for years. Applied using traditional masonry methods, K2 Stone veneer is easy to install, and provides a timeless look that will withstand the elements. Stone exterior cladding suggests permanence and a sense of history that works well with heritage or mid-century modern style houses.

Country Cottage Random Stone Veneer on Exterior Walls of Home

Photo of Country Cottage Random Field Stone Veneer on the Exterior Walls of a Home.

Investing in stone veneer is a smart move wherever a statement in natural refinement is required. Designers and homeowners love it because it combines all the beauty of natural and elemental materials with modern engineering technology for ease of use. The best of both worlds.

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