K2 Stone natural thin stone veneer can be installed both on the interior or exterior of almost any building or structure. Take a look at our how-to guide to installing a stone veneer. You can do it yourself if you have a keen eye and a few tools. If you require additional information please contact your nearest K2 Stone location, we are more than happy to help!

Thinstone Installation Guide

Natural Stone Grouting Techniques

Dry Stack Masonry Installation

Dry Stack Installation

A Dry Stack installation is achieved by “dry” fitting each stone before applying the mortar. If this process is done correctly the finished application will have no grout lines. The stones will have a very tight fit and look as if no mortar has been used.
Standard Mortar Joint Masonry Installation

Standard Mortar Joint

A standard mortar joint is a traditional style of masonry that provides recessed grout lines. To achieve this style the semi dry mortar is reshaped with a variety of specialty tools. The final application will have a consistent grout depth and the stones should be evenly spaced approximately 1 finger width apart.
Overgrout Mortar Joint Masonry Installation

Overgrout Mortar Joint

The overgrout technique will provide your application with a rustic european old world appearance. An overgrout is achieved by completely filling the joints and overlaying some of the stone with excess mortar.