How To Choose The Perfect Masonry Style

In addition to a wide range of natural stone profiles and products available for enhancing interior and exterior design schemes, there are also many different masonry styles with which the stone can be dressed. Tapping into ancient or modern masonry techniques can lead to unique effects that can be used […]

Home Design

5 Ways to Incorporate Stone into A Modern Design

Natural stone is an ancient material – people have used it to build their homes for many centuries. Over all those years master craftsmen have discovered how to maximize natural stone’s full potential for strength, beauty and utility. Today, stone veneer products and techniques have never been more efficient and […]

Outdoor Living

How To Create An Outdoor Living Space With Stone

One of the most enjoyable home improvement projects you can undertake is adding outdoor living space to your backyard. In the warmer months, friends and family will enjoy congregating on a backyard patio, around a pool deck or for social gatherings in an outdoor living room. And adding these kinds […]

Outdoor Living

5 Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas With Flagstone

Natural stone makes for an optimal ground cover in gardens and yards. It has a very distinct look, is low maintenance, natural, and can help to draw the various features of any landscaping design into a coherent whole. Flagstone is an easy natural stone material to work with for do-it-yourself-ers. […]


The 5 Most Common Natural Stone Profiles

One of the most beautiful improvements you can make to your home is the addition of a natural stone veneer feature. Inside or out, stone feature walls, a mantel piece, hearth or front door surrounds, and other applications create stunning architectural focal points that also add value to your home’s […]

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